Philly Against War

  • US out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Fund human needs - not war & occupation
  • Stop attacks on civil liberties
  • No scapegoating immigrants and Muslim peoples
  • No US attacks on Iran and Latin America
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Philly Against War is a network of activists and organizations dedicated to ending the US wars and Occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also support the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

We get no corporate funds or foundation grants. We operate on the donations of folks like yourself. Your donation is not tax deductible.

Meeting: 6:30pm TBD
Place: Friends Center, 15th & Cherry Sts.

Main agenda point: link

Our Nakba-Third Friday protest for May 2011.
Our Third Friday protest notification for August '10. To be repeated every third Friday. Pictures on Facebook of February 2011 protest. 3rd Friday flyer. Synopsis of Israel-Palestine border.

ANSWER protests continued war in Iraq. John's photos. John's view.

SA & Gaza

Largest protest in #SouthAfrica since fall of apartheid. 200,000 in Cape Town in solidarity with #Gaza

MILLION PEOPLE'S MARCH AGAINST: Police Brutality,Racial Injustice, and Economic Inequality
Saturday, July 25 at 12:00pm
Lincoln Monument, Newark, NJ, (corners of Springfield Avene and West Market Street
Facebook event link

The event happens at the Lincoln Monument, near intersection of West Market Street & Springfield Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. The march is sponsored by People’s Organization For Progress (POP), and endorsed by community, labor, student, and progressive organizations. Planning for the march takes place at POP meetings every Thursday, 6:30pm at Abyssinian Baptist Church, 224 West Kinney Street, Newark, New Jersey. All are invited. For information call (973) 801-0001. Please share this message. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!
The web site for the People's Organization for progress can be found here:

The Third Friday vigil outside the Israeli consulate will take place the first and third Fridays, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. The consulate is located at the corner of 19th & JFK Blvd 

Drone Free Horsham

Next protest: Every last Friday of the month, 12:00noon to 2:00pm

Corner of Horsham Air Base
Easton Road (Rt 611) and W. County Line Road

Facebook event page

YouTube - Living Under Drones

Protests held on Apr13Jun13Jul13Apr14. May14, Jun14, Apr15

Statements from and events about UNAC

(United National Anti-War Coalition)

Action Resolution passed by the 2015 UNAC conference

UNAC Statement in support of Baltimore Protests

UNAC statement: Stop the Saudi/U.S. Bombing of Yemen

UNAC statement: "We are NOT Charlie Hebdo!"

No New Authorization for the Use of Military Force

No Weapons to Ukraine

Report Back from Anti-Globalization conference in Russia

Report back from the NATO protests in Wales

UNAC Statement on event in Ferguson, MO

No to U.S.-backed wars: Iraq, Palestine/Israel and Ukraine

UNAC Statement on Gaza (PDF)



UNAC Statement on the Situation in Ukraine and Venezuela

Spring Actions against Weaponized and Surveillance Drones

Malalai Joya Completes Successful Tour of the U.S.

Drop the charges against Palestinian-American leader, Rasmea Odeh.

UNAC's statement on the arrest of Rasmea Odeh!

UNAC Statement - NO US War on Syria!!!!

Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement reports on the Trayvon Martin case

UNAC's statement on NSA spying

Statement on Syria

Anti-drone efforts around the country

National Anti-Drone Group Calls for April Protests

Chicago anti-NATO protest 20May2012

United National Antiwar Coalition’s (UNAC) second national conference in Stamford, CT

Global Day of Action UNAC report - on the 10th Anniversary of war in Afghanistan

UNAC statement on Africa

UNAC 12/24/2012 statement on Syria

UNAC Statement on Hurricane Sandy

UNAC Statement on Israeli Attack on Gaza

UNAC statemet on Saudi Arabia

UNAC Statement on attacks on US Embassies in Libya
and other Middle Eastern, North African and SW Asian Countries

UNAC statement: No Intervention in Iran

Open Letter to the U.S. Antiwar Movement

Israel and Palestine - who is the problem?

More than 10 times as many Palestinian children as Israeli children have been killed since 2000. More than 4 times as many Palestinian civilians as Israeli civilians have been killed since 2000.

Israel holds over 5000 Palestinian political prisoners; Palestine holds 0 Israeli prisoners. Israel funded Hamas in its inception
and then Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert admitted they continue to fund Hamas.

The antiwar movement is back in the streets.  Thousands marches in New York on April 9 and April 10 in San Francisco.  These demonstrations represented an important step forward for UNAC and the antiwar movement as a whole.  The antiwar movement has been in a lull since before the election of Barak Obama as many hoped the change in administration would mean an end to the wars.  We are now in a rebuilding phase and UNAC has made it clear that the rebuilding of a new antiwar movement is our goal.  The new antiwar movement needs to oppose the US foreign wars but also defend the domestic victims of the “war on terror,” the Muslims who are being attacked.  It must connect to dots between the money spent on war and the attacks on unions and cuts to education and needed programs.  It must also stand for justice for Palestine. This is what these demonstration on April 9 and 10 did.
More - including many links to videos and photographs of April 9 & 10 demos Also, Muslim Peace Coalition.

Mercenaries and paramilitaries arrive in Honduras

Details as to how to take action

Honduras Delegation blog


Contact information:



Letter of Unity (PDF) - to add your individual name and/or the name of your group as endorsers, contact John Kirkland.

Archive of past actions

Demonstration at Dilworth Plaza

Rally for Gaza

March for the $15 Minimum Wage

Fight for minimum wage for fast-food workers!


Pro-Mumia Abu-Jamal Protest

PCAPS Protests on behalf of Philly Public Schools

9Dec2013, 17Jan2014


Protest Drive to War on Syria


Protesting proposed strike on Syria @ Baltimore & 50th


Demonstration in opposition to war against Syria


Realize the Dream! Fiftieth Anniversary March on Washington - Info sheet from LaborFightBack Network


March on Point Breeze (South Philly) protest against OCF Realty, one of the most aggressive, profit hungry developers.  


No Drone Command Center in Horsham, PA!

Facebook event page / YouTube - Living Under Drones

Our first, third and fourth protests.


Philadelphia DEMO - NO U.S./NATO & Israeli War ON SYRIA 11Jul2013


Anti-Drones Forum 20Apr2013

No to destabilization efforts in Venezuela!!!

Living Under Drones! Report from Pakistan

UNAC Conference March 23-25

Occupy Philly Education and Training Working Group's Dissecting Capitalism series

No War with Iran

Black-led march

Occupy Philadelphia

Rally and Cultural Fair

Forum with Vijay Prashad


Stop the NATO bombing of Libya - Stop Drone Attacks on Yemen, Pakistan!

UNAC protest in NYC Apr 9.

Speak-out against wars and cutbacks.

Protest to encourage Egyptians against their dictator Hosni Mubarak. Blog post.

Counter-protest against Westboro Baptist Church

Veteran-Led Civil Resistance to U.S. Wars
Announcement    Flyers    Photos   Huffington Post

US Miltary Aid to Israel: Human, Legal, Financial, and Moral Implications

Regional ANTIWAR Conference

March & Rally to End the Wars

Protesting Islamophobia at Temple University

PDF of One Nation Working Together AntiWar Contingent

Photo-essay on rally as a whole

Emergency protest concerning FBI intimidation of antiwar movement. Brandywine piece on PhillyIMC. Pieces on PhillyAgainstWar blog 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5.

Sept 11 counter-protest in New York

United National Anti-War Conference 2010

Gaza Flotilla ship attacked in International waters

Piece from Solidarity-US does an in-depth examination of foreign polcy under the new president.

May Day in Elmwood Park. John's Facebook pictures.

NE Regional Socialist Educational Conference

March in Washington DC 20Mar10

PAW Afghanistan forum

Protest at Israeli Consulate over Siege of Gaza

Protest against hatemonger Geert Wilders. Frontpage Magazine confirms that Wilder speech cut off early due to student protests.

Protest on Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan wars. Also on extensive list of other subjects. Joe Piette's photos. Oct 17th section of website. Oct 17th blog.

Health Care rally at Cigna HQ

Protest at  Military Recruitment Center

AEC Protest at the Franklin Mills Mall

News coverage of the April 3rd Bailout the People march on Wall Street

Photos on Philly Gaza protest by John Leslie

Photoessay on Gaza protest rally/march by Rich Gardner

Photos on DC Gaza protest by John Leslie

Actions taken on behalf of Gaza January 2009

Our press release of 27Sep08

Article submitted to Germantown Courier by NW Greens

PDF of flier

Antiwar Protest Photos of 10Oct08