Thursday, February 27 from 4:30 to 6:00 PM

Rally at the Clothespin, 15 & Market Sts

Join us to tell the U.S. government: HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! and to show your support for the Bolivarian people in Venezuela and their President Nicolás Maduro.

A criminal and undemocratic sector of the right wing opposition to the democratically elected government of Venezuela aims to violently topple the government through a campaign of murders and destruction. The result so far have been 8 people killed, many vehicles and buildings burned and/or destroyed, and dozens of people injured.

Their vicious demonstrations have been supported and propagated by the main commercial media in the U.S. including CNN and print publications. In a dirty and deceitful internationally coordinated media campaign, they have used photos of other countries’ conflicts, showing them as if it were in Venezuela.

This coup attempt has been aided and abetted by the United States government, including CIA’s-related organizations like the USAID and NED, President Obama and other government officials.

The several calls for peace and for peaceful talks by President Maduro have been rejected by the opposition. Yet, they claim that the government is the one who does not want a dialogue. This is clearly a strategy by the right wing forces to continue with their assault and destruction.

We say NO to these attacks!

The will of the Bolivarian people of Venezuela should be respected! Seventeen elections won in 15 years clearly show what the people really want. 

Call initiated by Philadelphia International Action Center; 215-724-1618; phillyiac@gmail.com