Please Forward. 
1. PAW Meeting
2. Fund Appeal- Bus Tickets
3. Speak Out!
4. April 9
-All Out to Bring the Troops Home Now!
1. The next PAW Meeting will be this coming Thursday (3/10/11) at the Friends Center, Rm 21,  at 6:30 PM. The agenda will include building for April 9 and last minute details of the Speak out on Saturday, March 12.  The meeting had originally been scheduled for Monday 3/7, but the room was unavailable.  We need as many folks at this meeting as possible.
2. Fund Appeal: The printing costs for March 12 and for April 9  and cost of securing the bus for April 9 has cut deeply into PAW's finances. We have less than $200 on hand and a lot of expenses to meet. What you can do -- make a contribution to PAW and/or buy your bus tickets for April 9 in advance NOW.  Contribute online at or send a check made to PAW to PO Box 333, Bristol, PA 19007.   Thanks a lot! Even small contributions help.
3.  Speak out against the wars and cutbacks.
Please print and post the leaflet

against the wars and cutbacks

Keynotes; (15 minutes each)

Joe Lombardo (building for April 9)

Farah  Mokhtareizadeh (Afghanistan)

Followed by 30 minute discussion.

5 minute speak-outs

Group 1:
Jessica James (Egypt's struggle for democracy)
Marty Harrison (PASNAP- Temple Nurses Union)
Wafai Dias (Students for Justice in
Abdus Sabur (Askia Sabur coalition )
Leila Duka (Ft. Dix 5)

Discussion interval

Group 2:
Marge van Cleef (the cost of war)
Iris Bloom (Protect Our Waters)
Hugh Giordano (Green Party)
Aaron Gerwer (PFT, personal capacity)

discussion interval

There will be audience participation in this section. Bus tickets for the April 9 demonstration in New York will be available.

Join us for a forum and speak out !


Saturday March 12, 1 -4:30 PM


Friends Center, 15th and Cherry, Philadelphia
From Cairo, Egypt to Madison, Wisconsin people are standing up for democracy and against cut backs and austerity. Working people are told every day that they have to “sacrifice” to speed the recovery of the US economy. The rich, however, are not asked to sacrifice but instead are given tax breaks and bailouts. We say this situation is unacceptable. We need jobs, education and health care, not more wars. We say bring the troops and the war dollars home now and rebuild the economy here.


 Sponsored by PAW and the Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
4. All Out April 9 in New York!
Buy your bus ticket now!
Join the more than 500 endorsing organizations in voicing your opposition to the US wars and occupations. We say; Bring the War Dollars Home!

All Out April 9th in New York! Download Flyer!
Philly Against War is one of the endorsing organizations building for a mass mobilization in New York City on April 9th. WE want an end to the US wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We call for spending  the money wasted on these wars to rebuild the economy at home. We need jobs at good wages, education and health care, not more wars and misery. It's time to put an end to Islamophobia, government frame ups of Muslims and spying against activists in the US. and to protect the right to free speech and civil liberties for everyone.
Read the Call to Action for April 9th