Rally to end the Iraq War
Philly Against War
10 Oct 08

We had a nice-sized crowd throughout our rally that included lots of young people hollering at the passing cars to honk their horns in solidarity. Lots and lots of drivers cheerfully complied.

fellow Navy vet
Sandy here usually makes the Final Friday demonstrations at the corner of Broad & Arch streets (5:00pm to 6:00pm on the last Friday of each month) and asks passing cars to "Honk for Peace."

our vilain
David Houch of the NW Greens plays the villain of our story (and says he's working on an act for 2009 where he heals lepers and turns water into wine), the man without whom the Iraq War would never have occurred. Of course, President Bush could never have succeeded had the US not had a Democratic Party that was led around by a group called the DLC, which was convinced that the way to electoral success to act as a "Republican-lite" sort of party. A frivolous, decadent and corrupt press corps didn't help matters, either.

R. W. looks very dignified with his pesudo-American flag.

Brandywine Peace Community is a good, reliable group that usually has something going on. A monthly pot-luck supper with guest speakers and frequent demonstrations makes them a real presence in Philadelphia.

yer webmaster
Rich, your loyal photographer, webmaster and member of Delaware Valley Veterans for America.

milling about smartly
Philly Against War was founded to show Philadelphia that "Yes, the peace movement still exists and is still actively concerned about the waste of lives and resources that has gone into the Iraq War."
How do Iraqis feel about the war? Well, Iraqi
Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi said Tuesday afternoon that if the presence of the US troops in Iraq continues, it will neither benefit the Iraqi nation nor the regional states.

So if people try telling you that Iraqis wish for Americans to stay in their country, ask them why we can't seem to find any Iraqis who will testify to that.

A reporter interviews one of our people. We saw a number of cameras and reporters, so this event was definitely a good one for making the peace movement visible.
To expand on an earlier statement, that the traditional media remains "frivolous, decadent and corrupt," there are certainly many media outlets that have produced outstanding work (PhillyIMC is a good local one and McClatchey Newspapers has produced many good reports), the website Media Matters has examined the John McCain-traditional media relationship and finds it's still very much one where McCain says "jump" and the media asks "How high?"

As to the Democratic Party, they've certainly improved from the election of 2002, where the DLC's "Republican lite" strategy did so poorly for them, but there are still signs that the lessons of the successful 2006 elections haven't really sunk in yet. They're still not fully convinced that running on principle is a good way to go.

Celeste Zappala
Celeste Zappala is a Gold Star Mother who lost her son, Sargeant Sherwood Baker in Iraq in April 2004. She is also a member of the First United Methodist Church of Germantown.

Betsy & John
That's Betsey of Philly IAC and John, who chaired many of our organizing meetings.

NW Greens
The Northwest Greens do a monthly protest near Senator Specter's house along with several others.

Young people
And of course, it's always heartwarming to see young people at protests. That is, of course, how any movement survivies, by constantly bringing in new members.

packing up
All in all, cause for contentment, at least for the moment. We all had a good day and Philadelphia was a little more aware than it was beforethat yes, the peace movement is still alive.