crowd from distance
Fox News and the Republican Party are marking the 1,000th day since President Obama appeared on NBCs The Today Show and said "If I Don't Have This Done In Three Years, Then There's Going To Be A One-Term Proposition. I will be held accountable." Of course, they don't want to mention the part about how they've fought tooth and nail to prevent any improvement in the economy.

mayoral candidate
Diop Olugbala, who's running for Mayor of Philadelphia, makes a point.

So how's Eric Cantor, the House Republican Majority Leader, doing with the new memo, that Republicans like the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement? Heh! Not so hot. His suggestion was that "We need to encourage those on the top income scale to create more jobs." Erm, if this idea had a ghost of a chance of working, it would have worked a long, long time ago.

three shipmates
Three buddies of mie, Al Kovnat, Gene Miller and Bill Perry.

The frequent IMC contributor Stephen Lendman looked at the alleged Iranian plot to murder the Saudi Arabian envoy and promptly declared it to be an obvious lie. Juan Cole has looked at the information that has come out since then and has affirmed the same conclusion, that there's simply nothing substantive to the allegation. He also points out that attacking Iran would cause enormous damage to that part of the world as Iran does quite a bit of trade with quite a few countries, including $10 billion with Iraq each year.

Cole has also collected a number of interesting statistics about the OWS movement. One really cool set:
Pecentage of Americans who approve of the Tea Party: 27%
Percentage of Americans who approve of OWS: 54%.

Then we marched back to where the Occupy Philly folks were camped out.

Interestingly, not only do New Yorkers largely approve of OWS, they also very largely understand just what the protest is all about. "
It seems like populist discontent over the fortunes of the 1 percent versus those of the 99 percent translates with remarkable clarity even in the absence of a 10-point program."

The folks from Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) head up the march. Even though the US seems committed to getting out of Iraq anyway, here's a petition by MFSO to affirm to our politicans that it's the right thing to do.

lots of people
Ooo!!! Obama pulls a smart move and puts up the really good pieces of his defeated jobs bill first, making it tough for both the Republicans and the Third Wayers to react negatively without looking like creeps and thugs.

sea of people
Ahh! (Sigh of contentment) A sea of people fills the space!

The big bankers and financial speculators haz a sad because, gosh darn it!, people just don't seem to appreciate how wonderful and awesome they are compared to these here regular folks.

The march enters the Occupy Philly encampment.