Anti-War Protest and Occupy Philly
15 Oct 2011

initial crowd
We started off modestly, with just the anti-war people and just those who chose to wait for the Occupy Philadelphia people to arrive from where they were encamped at City Hall. We had a very good program starting with yoga, going onto two bands and then a group of speakers interspersed with more music.

We were set up in the same block with the Liberty Bell. That's Independence Hall in the background.
Video of singing (M4V)

There's actually good news to report on the Iraq War. There was some talk about US troops remaining in Iraq past their scheduled withdrawal date of the end of this year. The Obama Administration has settled for keeping a small contingent in Iraq to guard the Baghdad embassy and to not keep anyone else there past the previously-agreed-upon deadline. 

Occupy Philly crowd
The Occupy Philly crowd approaches!
More singing

In July, firedoglake assessed the impact of the Wikileaks revelations a year after the cables that they had obtained were released. A real fear was that pro-US informants who identities had been revealed by Wikileaks would be killed, but as of one year afterwards, no informants were known to have been killed. Unfortunately, President Obama seemed and still seems determined to keep the war in Afghanistan going.

serious crowd!
NOW we had a decent-sized crowd!

With Occupy Wall Street being one month old and going stronger than ever, some bank customers are trying to close their accounts with some of the financial offenders, banks that helped bring on the Great Recession, and meeting stiff resistance from those same banks (Here's a lengthier version of the same video that MSNBC's Chris Hayes showed). 

more crowd
As per the sign showing here, we'd like to keep Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid completely off the table and out of the discussion when America discusses the Federal Budget. Unfortunately, we've got Cat Food Commission II, otherwise known as the Super Committee, where a group of Senators and Congresspeople are trying to impoverish the American people and to see to it that we consider cat food to be a rare treat. Actually, I give the Democrats more credit this time than during the last Cat Food Commission. They're fighting harder this time to see to it that new taxes are being discussed.

Videos of Celeste Zappala, the MFSO speaker part 1 / part 2

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was asked for what his solution to America's economic problems would look like and replied that he wanted: cuts, a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the total elimination of the Affordable Care Act, the total elimination of Wall Street reform safeguards, the end of EPA enforcement of clean air measures, and a tax repatriation holiday for international corporations.

In other words, McCain wants the Federal Budget shrunk down to darn near nothing and to do absolutely nothing to create jobs or to assist non-millionaires in any way, shape or form. Those who are making less than $200,000 a year can just take a hike.