Emergency Protest
Defend Free Speech!
No FBI Intimidation of the antiwar movement!
Tuesday, 9/28/10 -- 4:30 pm- 6 pm
The Federal Building, 6th and Market Street, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia area peace and justice activists are calling for a demonstration outside of the Federal Building at 6th and Market for 4:30 pm - 6 pm on Monday, 9/27/10 to protest FBI raids on the homes of antiwar and international solidarity activists in Minneapolis, Chicago, North Carolina and Michigan. The widely reported fact that some of the raid victims are supporters of a socialist organization infects these raids with the stench of McCarthyism.
These outrageous raids come on the heels of the  September 2010 Inspector General’s “Review of the FBI’s Investigation of Certain Domestic Advocacy Groups” reporting that federal agents from 2001-2006, under the guise of stopping terrorism, had spied on antiwar activists and events sponsored by the Catholic Worker, Greenpeace, Quakers, and others.  It has been further revealed that the PA Department of Homeland Security, through a $125,000 a year contract with the 'Institute for Terrorism Research & Response' (an Israeli/U.S private surveillance firm) tracked peace, environmental, and protest groups across the state.
These raids have also taken place amidst widespread Islamophobic hysteria promoted by various media outlets and the far right.
These raids are a direct attack on free speech and freedom of association aimed at dividing the antiwar movement and frightening people away from political activity. This blatant attack on free speech must be opposed by all people who are concerned with the preservation of Constitutional rights.
to endorse pleas email us at philly.march.mobe@gmail.com
Brandywine Peace Community
BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action
Chris Robinson, Northwest Greens
Pam Africa, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Phila. International Action Center
Philly Against War
Phila.Catholic Worker
Philadelphia Progressive Democrats of America
Philly Socialist Action
Philadelphia Regional Antiwar Network PRAWN
United Antiwar Committee of Philadelphia
World Can't Wait, Philadelphia
for information
IAC 215.724.1618
PAW 267.994.9448