Iran: US military provocations; the Threat of War Becomes Tangible

Published at on 14 Feb 2012 22:50 GMT
Pictures taken by Rich Gardner on 10 Feb 2012 outside Philadelphia's Federal Courthouse building

Philly Against War sponsored a rally outside the Federal Building on 10 Feb 2012 to protest the apparent desire of the US to launch a war on Iran.

A new unprovoked military move by the US and its imperialist allies against Iran has escalated tension in the region and has brought us much closer the possibility of war than ever before.

A US armada of military ships and submarines has recently entered the Persian Gulf with the clear intent to disrupt the present global and regional military and diplomatic equilibrium [1]; the dynamic was already very unsteady — and this move is obviously NOT a step toward Peace. The insertion of these tremendous military forces has sent Iran into a state of emergency and activated its shoreline artillery and missile radar defenses.

Full Article by Cyprus Indymedia: Realities about Iran; the Empire Threatens War | Related from Philly IMC: So, how’s the anti-war movement doing?

Several actions around the world opposed this threat by the US government to support the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII): Washington, DC | New York City, NY | Boston, MA | Rogue Valley, OR | Portland, OR


Military contacts in communication with the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective estimate that the firepower of the US armada (which includes craft from the United Kingdom and France) is larger than the air force and navy of Iran, combined. The original source of this evaluation is a very high ranking officer; it was confirmed by a general. This evaluation, even if it's only an approximate and not an absolute truth, shows that the intentions of the US for the Middle East are in total violation of the sentiments and true needs of the area's millions of people who want Peace and Justice, above all, and an end to foreign intervention in their affairs.

Otherwise, if the US wants Peace, why would it amass enough force to obliterate the defenses of an independent and sovereign country that has not invaded any of its neighbors for more than a hundred years?


As independent journalists and world citizens we are very concerned about the situation. Please read an article composed by the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective that explores the pretexts that are being used to justify war against Iran; President Obama's role, Iran's nuclear industry; ecological concerns and issues of democracy and equality within Iran; and pending issues for the Peace movement in the US and Western Europe:


Realities about Iran; the Empire Threatens War

The "Man of Peace", US President Obama, who in 2009 received the Nobel Peace Prize only 12 days after being in office, has since then proceeded to focus an unprecedented array of aggressive military, political and financial forces against Iran, creating a situation that is pregnant with the possibility of nuclear war.
Constant provocations by Israel and the Western European nuclear and financial powers, and a recent escalation with commercial "sanctions" have increased the possibility of war to the point that many believe it is now imminent.
Even Fidel [Castro] has been ringing the alarm. In a very recent article he wrote:

I am sure that no rash action on the part of Iran can be expected which could contribute to the outbreak of war. If such a war should break out, it will only be as a result of the yankee empire’s congenital adventurism and irresponsibility.
I, for one, think that the political situation created around Iran and the resultant danger of nuclear war involving everyone – those possessing such weapons and those who don’t – is extremely delicate because it threatens the very existence of our species. The Middle East has become the most conflictive region in the world and is the area where energy resources vital to the world economy are produced.

more signs

The pretext currently being used for aggression and threats against Iran is the country's nuclear industry, which Iran has repeatedly affirmed is aimed only for peaceful applications, while the US accuses Iran of trying to build nuclear weapons.
What is the truth?
The truth is that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a global body of the United Nations tasked with inspecting the nuclear facilities of all countries, has been inspecting Iran's facilities on-site, interviewing scientists, combining local and global intelligence and observation data, and issuing regular reports about Iran's nuclear industry: it is clear that so far it has NOT found any evidence of military applications within Iran's nuclear projects. A careful reading of its most recent official report, when the provocative innuendos and rhetoric are removed, shows clearly to the intelligent reader that there has been NOTHING found to prove that Iran is developing nuclear weapons - please study the report right here:


Does Iran want nuclear weapons? President Ahmadinejad has declared: "We do not need an atomic bomb. The Iranian nation is wise. It won't build two atomic bombs while you have 20,000 warheads." Also, Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who reportedly has issued a fatwa (religious decree) some time ago against nuclear weapons, has said: "We fundamentally reject nuclear weapons."

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