Please come to the next meeting of Philly Against War, at which we will be discussing our activities for the spring. In informal discussions I've had with people in recent days, the prevailing opinion seems to favor carrying out further activities around the issue of U.S. drone attacks. This would be an extension of the highly successful anti-drones educational forum that PAW sponsored a few months ago at Penn (co-sponsored by the Penn for Pakistan Society), which drew over 100 people. Options that we could discuss for this spring include organizing another forum at Penn, possibly in late April, which would feature Pakistani activists on national tour by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC).

A room at the Friends Center, 15th & Cherry Sts., has been reserved for this PAW planning meeting. The date we reserved is MONDAY, FEB. 25, 6 p.m. Please be sure to attend, and tell your friends and fellow activists about it, so we can build a real united coalition to get antiwar efforts in motion for the spring.

Michael Schreiber